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Why Group Therapy?
·         Group is a small microcosm (community or entity that is an epitome of a larger entity; a miniature world) of the world allowing the same struggles you face in the outside world to surface in the group
·         It is a unique opportunity not only to see your interpersonal dynamics unfold in a safe, therapeutic environment, but to recognize them, examine and talk about them, and finally, alter them.
·         Group is a less subjective and less biased view of you whereas in individual therapy, the therapist relies on clients self-report; because everyone has blindspots, it is very helpful for the therapist to observe you directly as you interact with others.
·         You will be actively working on your concerns "live" in the here-and-now.
·         You will be regularly receiving useful feedback on the way you come across and the way you are perceived by others.
·         You will develop your expressive and communication skills as you will be asked to provide feedback to others.
·         Group is a chance to practice new skills and ways of relating.
·         The factors that are unique to group treatments that are considered potent in the therapeutic process include social feedback, cohesion (the quality of relationships that develop among group members) and social learning.
·         Research has demonstrated quantitative support for group treatment as an independently efficacious treatment.
Top 10 Most Helpful Aspects of Group (Yalom, 1995)
1.     Discovering and accepting previously unknown or unacceptable parts of myself
2.     Being able to say what was bothering me instead of holding it in
3.     Other members honestly telling me what they think of me
4.     Learning how to express my feelings
5.     The group's teaching me about the type of impression I make on others
6.     Expressing negative and/or positive feelings toward another member
7.     Taking ultimate responsibility for the way I live my life no matter how much guidance I get from others
8.     Learning how I come across to others
9.     Seeing that others could reveal embarrassing things, take other risks, and benefit from doing so
10.  Feeling more trustful of groups and of other people