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Welcome to the Counseling Center at the Catholic University of America.


 Our purpose is to help you make the most of yourself as a developing person—more comfortable and effective in your own life and in your relations with others. This could mean overcoming unwanted feelings and behaviors or enhancing what you are already doing well.


We provide confidential services to full-time and part-time CUA students. Our services include individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric consultation, walk-in consultations, walk-in emergency services for mental health crises, outreach, and referral services to outside agencies or practitioners.


The Counseling Center is accredited by IACS, the International Association of Counseling Services.


To schedule an appointment, call 202- 319-5765 or come to the Counseling Center, located in 127 O’Boyle Hall.











News and Events


NEW! Positivity at the Pryz

Mondays, 12-1 pm

Pryz 203

Understanding and developing your strengths can help you live life to the fullest! Positivity in the Pryz is a weekly drop-in group designed to help you maximize your enjoyment of life through a series of self-explorations and activities. Topics will include mindfulness, personal strengths, gratitude, forgiveness, savoring, humor and more! Those who attend will learn to embrace the things that make each day fulfilling and the future feel a little brighter. Open to the Catholic U community!



Wednesdays, 3:10-4:30

Want to feel 10/10? The Shine group is designed to help group members improve their social and emotional experiences using a skills-based approach. Group content will focus on specific skills to improve emotion regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness. Students interested in joining should contact the Counseling Center.


Infographic Overview of Services

Want to learn more about what we do? Check out our infographic!