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Current and Upcoming Groups



Unless otherwise noted, therapy groups require a pre-screen meeting with the group co-facilitators before joining. Most groups close to new members mid-semester and will re-open to new members at the start of the next semester. For more information, interested students can contact the Counseling Center.


Spring 2018


Mindful Living

Tuesdays, 5:10-6:30 pm

Co-facilitated by Kristin Zauel, Ph.D. & Laura Herron, M.A.


This group is designed to improve your ability to connect with yourself and with the present moment. Group members will learn how to let go of worries and fears, experience the present moment with a sense of calm, and increase their self-awareness. Common goals include decreasing stress, depression, or anxiety; improving compassion and concentration; enhancing your enjoyment of pleasant experiences; and achieving more calm and balance in your everyday life.


Status: Not yet started and open to new members. Interested students can contact the Counseling Center to schedule a pre-screen appointment.


The Women’s Empowerment Group

Wednesdays, 5:10-6:30 pm

Co-led by Sarah Godoy, Ph.D. & Laura Herron, M.A.

Fridays, 3:30-4:50 pm

Led by Karen Miller, LICSW & Amy Fuhrmann, M.S., M.A.


The Empowerment Group is a safe, confidential therapy group for female-identified survivors of unwanted sexual experiences. This group focuses on recovery and empowerment, and it is intended to provide a space where survivors can process their experiences, connect to a survivor community, and support each other. Topics are chosen by group members and may include self-care; managing feelings of guilt, blame, and anger; relationships and dating; and spirituality and identity questions.


Status: Both sections have started and are closed to new members for the Spring 2018 semester. 



Thursdays, 5:10-6:30 pm

111 O'Boyle

Co-led by Katie Campana-Scherer, Ph.D. & Amy Fuhrmann, M.S., M.A.


Just as every individual colored stone becomes part of and forms a larger piece of art, the diversity of all individual CUA students contributes in a meaningful way to the campus culture of love, respect, and inclusiveness. Mosaic provides an environment where LGBT-identified and straight students can come together to learn about available resources, discuss various topics related to personal wellness, and build a supportive network with other students and members of the CUA community.


Status: Started and always open to new members.



Understanding Self and Others: An interpersonal process therapy group

Fridays, 3:10 pm to 4:30 pm

Co-led by Katie Campana-Scherer, Ph.D. & Jess MacIntyre, M.S,


Are you interested in improving your relationships with other people? Would you like to become more comfortable opening up to others or managing conflict? Do you experience difficulty asking for help or dealing with criticism? Do you worry about how others perceive you? These are common experiences for many students. If you experience any of these concerns, you may benefit from the Understanding Self and Others group. Topics will vary from week to week depending on group members’ needs and includes a wide range of subjects. This group offers a safe environment in which participants can develop insight about themselves and their relationship patterns, identify and explore feelings, give and receive support and feedback, and experiment with new ideas and behaviors.


Status: Scheduled to start on Friday, February 2nd. 


Confident Cardinals

Fridays, 3:10 pm to 4:30 pm

Co-led by Mark LaSota, Ph.D. & Jess MacIntyre, M.S,

 Do you experience nervousness or awkwardness in social situations? Are you bothered by meeting new people or speaking in front of others? The Confident Cardinals group is based on scientific research and has been developed to assist students with social difficulties learn to cope with anxious thoughts and feelings and become more comfortable in social situations. Students can learn and practice specific social skills in a small and supportive group setting, all while building the social confidence that will enhance their college experience!



Status: Not yet started and open to new members. Interested students can contact the Counseling Center to schedule a pre-screen appointment.


*Mosaic is a drop-in group and does not require a pre-screen to attend. All are welcome!