The Catholic University of America

The CUA Counseling Center provides online resources that may be relevant to various student populations and mental health concerns. These are intended to offer informal education and support, and information we provide is not meant to be a substitute for formal assistance from a mental health provider. Click on the topic below to view virtual pamphlets and website links containing useful information. For details about specific services, students are encouraged to directly contact the Counseling Center.








Sometimes, students may be reluctant to utilize mental health services for fear of the negative stigma that is perpetuated by misinformation and myths about counseling. "But I Thought Only Crazy People Go to the Counseling Center?" provides information specific to the CUA Counseling Center that dispels this stigma.


Resources for Parents

The transition from high school to college can be an exciting time of growth and development but also a challenge for first-year college students as well as for their parents and other family members.  The primary goal of this information is to give brief, practical advice to college-bound students and their families to help them prepare for the transition to college.  The following links will include tips on general adjustment to college, as well as including specific suggestions about how to utilize helpful resources (such as the Counseling Center) available here at CUA.


The following information specific to parents of incoming students at CUA is provided by the Office of Campus Activities.



Resource for Faculty and Staff