The Catholic University of America



The Catholic University Counseling Center offers an externship program for advanced doctoral students in Clinical Psychology, Counseling, or Counseling Psychology and for advanced graduate students in Social Work. This part-time training program is ideal for students looking to hone their clinical skills, expand their theoretical knowledge, and collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment. The Counseling Center's externship program has an integrative theoretical perspective with a specialized focus on multiculturalism.


The Counseling Center serves as the primary mental health agency for Catholic University students. It provides a broad range of direct services, including individual and group therapy, consultation, outreach, and emergency response programs.


Training Philosophy


At the Catholic U Counseling Center, we are committed to the three Cs: Comprehensive, Culture, and Community. By providing training in multidisciplinary and multitheoretical service delivery, nuanced exploration of identity and culture, and a cohesive support system, we offer externs the opportunity to be challenged and excel in their training as future social workers and psychologists.